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The Rahyabanfarda Company of Tomorrow has been an integrated organization for the past 20 years, integrates into the community and, as a living entity, goes through various stages of life, including birth, childhood, adolescence and youth, if not respected. Social aging will enter old age and aging. Tomorrow’s Roadmap Company is now being led by a new generation of creative executives who have grown up in the organization, and previous generation managers will remain the intellectual and organizational backbone of the organization, and the children of the company each step in to help the community. Today, one of these children, called Araravesh Asha Company, has taken positive steps to preserve the material and spiritual resources of our country of Iran by developing world-class software and enterprise-grade software solutions.

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Our team

Scientific management in all aspects, using state-of-the-art technology, creativity and innovation, and full interaction with employers alongside committed and passionate employees are key features of the Rahyabanfarda.The preservation and development of these insights and the growth of our employees’ intellectual and cultural materiality are among the most valuable assets of our company.

affordability 98%
Power of machines 95%
Loyalty to the organization 80%
Teamwork 100%
Proponents of key values are at the level of their activities and move towards full realization of their values.
Ramin Azimi Chairman of the Board
Alireza Hooshmandi Member of the Board
Mehri Shahbazi Member of the Board
Majid Alivandi Deputy manager
Mohammad Ahmadi Research and Development
Vajihe Faroukhpoor financial manager
Mustafa kourepaz Director of Administration
Alireza Fazelian Director of Support
Neda Nikbakht Safety Unit Manager


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